About Us

Climate Circus support municipal officials and policymakers, general practitioners and local organizations with substantive advice, materials, and methodologies on health and environment. Residents of a municipality can go to their doctor or local civil servant with their questions about health and the environment, and if necessary also to the environmental medical officer of their region. 

Through this blog we want to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about this socially important topic. In the public debate, opinions on climate change vary widely, even on issues that are fairly clear from a scientific point of view (such as the warming of the earth through human action). In that sense, there is a considerable gap between scientific knowledge in this area and what the general public thinks about it. For a sensible social discussion, we believe it is important to have a clear picture of scientific insights, and we want to contribute to that. This discussion does not benefit from trivialization or exaggeration.

All questions about the influence of the indoor or outdoor environment on health are handled by them. Moreover, it is their task to identify health and environmental issues.