Climate change greatest health hazard

Warmer and more extreme weather, linked to climate change is the greatest threat to public health on earth in the 21st century.┬áThat’s what doctors and researchers say in a report published in the British medical journal The Lancet.

Researchers come to the conclusion that storms, floods, natural fires, and particulate matter emissions are a direct and indirect threat to people’s health but also make areas uninhabitable, which can lead to major social problems.

The Lancet report, written by doctors, academics and policy experts from 27 organizations around the world, calls for rapid action to curb climate change and prepare healthcare for growing challenges.

“Rapid climate change has serious implications for every aspect of human life, exposing vulnerable populations to extreme weather conditions, infectious diseases and changing food security which would have effect on your skin appearance. The availability of safe drinking water and clean air is at risk, the report warns (ANP)