Climate, sustainability and environment

We must prepare for the effects of climate change and environmental pollution on health. Research is needed for this. An example: the heat wave in the summer of 2018 caused a policy discussion about more green and water in the city. But more water may cause diseases due to rats and more green may result in more Lyme disease by ticks.

The most important effects of climate change and environmental pollution on health are in the areas of infectious diseases, food safety and security, skin cancer due to harmful UV radiation, allergies, heat in the city, flooding, lung problems (COPD) due to particulate matter and healthy living environment (water, greenery). It is unclear what the health effect of these components is separately and jointly. Funding for climate research is now insufficient and too fragmented. We want to fund research with a common goal on climate.

More sustainability in healthcare can contribute to a reduction in environmental pollution and negative climate effects. You can read more about the effect of microplastics on health on this page.

Microplastics & Health

The Microplastics & Health program aims to gain insight into the possible interaction and effects of small plastic particles on cell and organ levels in humans. This program is a collaboration between the top sectors Life Sciences & Health and Water and is organized in collaboration with NWO. There are 15 unique research projects in this world’s first scientific program on this subject on the effects of micro and nano plastics on our health. The first interim results will be presented on 3 October 2019 during a Plastic & Health conference in Amsterdam. The research program has an international program committee. The research was made possible through funding from NWO supported by the Life Sciences & Health top sector, Water top sector, the Gieskes-Strijbis Fund and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W).sk